BookSwapDroid 1.0.2 Update on the Android Market

Some of you reported having issues today with BookSwapDroid when accessing your Wish Lists. We just wanted to let you know that this issue has been resolved, and you can now update your app from the Android Market to address the issue.

To update, follow these steps:
1. Go the Android Market on your phone or Android-enabled device
2. Click on the menu button, and select “My Apps”
3. Look for BookSwapDroid in our list of apps
4. Select BookSwapDroid and click Update
5. If you would like for future updates to be automatically installed, please select the “Allow automatic updating” checkbox

When you are finished you should have BookSwapDroid 1.0.2 installed on your phone. Please email if you are having any further issues with downloading Wish Lists.

If you have issues immediately after installing (such as “Force Close” messages), please follow these steps (even if you did these steps before this email):
1. Go to the home screen
2. Hit menu button & select ‘Settings’
3. Scroll down & select ‘Applications’
4. Select ‘Manage Applications’
5. Scroll down & select ‘BookSwapDroid’
6. Select ‘Clear Cache’
7. If you are still having issues, repeat the above steps, and also select ‘Clear data’.

Thanks for choosing BookSwapDroid, the only app for managing your account on your Android-enabled device or phone! We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving your book addiction in the future!


P.S. If you enjoy this app, please write a review and post your rating on the Android Market (I hope that you feel you’ve recieved 5 star service!)…and tell your friends!


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