v2.0 News

Big win over the last 24 hours! Barcode scanning now supports older/80s books (which use UPCs, not ISBNs). I haven’t found a book on the shelf I couldn’t reliably scan yet. Way better than the v1 app which really only supported newer books properly.

To make things even easier, there’s now a dialog which prompts you on how to scan older books (you must capture both barcodes!) vs newer books.

A teaser screenshot:

2014-09-09 07.11.27

v2.0 is coming!

We’ve been working hard to address all of the comments in the Play Store and bring you a modern experience.

A few things that have been sorted out, and will be available in the coming weeks:

  • Support email is working
  • Authorization reliability fixes
  • Modern ‘Halo’ design
  • Fast reliable experience on modern devices
  • Social network/sharing features

Stick with us, you’ll be super satisfied with the new update

Planned release 9/21/2014!

Some teaser screenshots:

2014-09-02 16.24.37 2014-09-02 16.24.55 2014-09-08 04.43.05 2014-09-08 04.43.33